Discontinued Concrete Round Table Mirror - Black

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Our hand poured round table mirror is beautiful in its simplicity. A chunky black concrete surround snugly holding a shatterproof acrylic mirror within.

The design is perfectly engineered to allow the mirror to stand securely with an ever so slight backward tilt, whilst giving the illusion of remaining completely round.

Whether adorning a table top, a bathroom shelf or a dressing table, our mirror can be used for practical purposes or just admired as a lovely feature piece. It can even be strategically positioned to reflect your candleware arrangements and double the glow.

Size: Ø14.8cm x 3.5cm

Approx Weight: 0.75kg


Dimensions & Weight

Size: Ø14.8cm x 3.5cm

Approx Weight: 0.75kg

Care Instructions

Each mirror has been protected with a surface coating to deter from marks and stains and each can be wiped clean using a soft damp cloth. The acrylic mirror can be simply duster or cleaned with glass cleaner, but be careful not to spray on to the concrete surround

Important Info

Due to the hand-crafted and hand-poured nature of this product, there may be slight variations in colour and natural surface imperfections. We embrace this, it is a part of the design. It makes each piece unique.