We were nervous, but excited to attend the Gift of The Year Awards ceremony last Thursday in London. Having been shortlisted in four categories at the beginning of the year, then finding out that we had reached finalist status in two of the categories in mid Feb, it had been a bit of an apprehensive wait to find out who the winners might be.

Hosted by The Giftware Association, the awards night was promoted as a night to remember for the Giftware industry: The location, a swanky London hotel overlooking Hyde Park; the invitees, over 500 people from the Giftware industry (representing both retailers and brands); the dress code, “Black Tie & Posh Frocks”; and the invitation, an amazing lazer-cut flower that opened to reveal a plantable seed card inside. All so far removed from our countryside, jeans-and-trainer-wearing Suffolk lives. But heck, we used to work in the fashion industry, so it was a great chance to dig out and dust off our smartest garb for the event and practice walking in heels again - well one of us did!

And so to London we went…



We had no expectations of winning, but were hopeful. And what a memorable night it turned out to be when our Modular Collection won ‘My Gift of All Time’.

Not just that though - we got to take a night off together as a couple, walk a red carpet, were entertained by the comedian Charlie Baker, ate a bountiful feast (despite a momentary fear when the waiting staff appeared carrying flaming brûlées for dessert in a room full of coiffed hairspray-coated “dos”!) and met some truly inspirational and lovely people along the way.


After all the hard work involved in setting up a small business from scratch, and the times we have felt stretched in so many different directions it’s hard to feel like you are doing anything well, to win this award gives us such a boost. It means we must be doing something right. Which is just perfect because we have so many other ideas for handmade products to share (many of which are in development right now!)

But, this is also an ideal opportunity for us to stop just for a moment, feel proud of how far we have come and what we have achieved, and most of all thank each and every one of you who has supported us up until this point.

It means so very much to us both.


Alex & Laura



Mr Concrete & Mrs Wax