concrete and wax prototypes local engineer and carpenter


To transform our designs on paper into 3D forms we sought out skilled local craftsmen, commissioning a carpenter to create our candle prototypes from layered plywood and an engineer to make our concrete prototypes from aluminium turned on a lathe.

concrete and wax candle mould hand made
mould making

From start to finish

Using these prototypes we hand make each of our moulds.

The characteristics of the prototype materials are uniquely reflected in each product we pour using these moulds.

Our pillar candles have unique, subtle horizontal surface ridges that reflect the plywood layers and the concrete has a smooth, luxurious, metal-like surface.


Slow, thoughtful design

From day one our mission has been to create investment pieces that are designed to last. Concrete that is multi-functional so you are not tied to our candles to keep using our holders because they fit any standard tealight - and our Arboreal 'Branch' holder can burn either a tealight or a taper candle as well as our 'Branch' candle.

Small batch pouring using exact recipes means we have absolute minimum waste. Any excess wax becomes tealights or melts. Any concrete becomes one off pieces that we sell at makers markets or give as gifts.

By taking the time to source locally we keep our footprint as small as we possibly can.


The character of concrete

Every piece of concrete has unique surface details because of the curing process where tiny air bubbles can form, meaning there will always be slight imperfections. We embrace this, it is part of the design and makes each piece unique.

Each piece of concrete is hand poured and left to set before being removed from the mould, then it is sanded and washed. After this it moves to the drying room for the final cure.

Once fully cured each piece (where required) has a cork base applied.

Then a natural wax/oil coating is applied by hand to each piece, except our coasters, placemats and centre pieces which are given a more heavy duty protection.

Concrete, however, is a porous material and so no matter what the protection, will develop marks over time. We see this as the beautiful patina of the concrete's life.


Each candle tells a story

All of our pillar candles are hand poured from 100% natural wax and have been developed to be non-drip. They contain a sprinkling of beeswax for extra stability and are therefore not vegan.

The top edge of each candle is shaved by hand to achieve a smooth finish and each is then individually tissue wrapped.

Each candle uses a square braided natural wick.

On the base of each candle, beneath our embossed branding, is a hand-stamped batch code allowing for traceability of each ingredient back to the source and detailed information about the manufacturing process.

Our container candles are made from a beautiful creamy blend of rapeseed & coconut wax. Again each is batch stamped for full traceability.

Our tealights and wax melts are 100% soy wax.

All of our wax pieces are fully CLP compliant.


Every details matters

We truly care about every detail when it comes to wrapping and packing our products.

Everything we use is recyclable, but we do hope that you will RE-USE it instead.

All branded tubes make stylish storage vessels.

All Arboreal pieces have removable branding so the packaging is good as new to give a gift in.

Our large bowls are packed in an easily reusable made-to-measure drawstring felt bag (with removable branding).

Our void filler is bio-degradable (and quickly disintegrates in water).

All materials are locally sourced.


Plant a tree

With each sale from our Arboreal Collection we plant a tree through our partner TreeApp.