How it works

Our unique modular design means your candleware arrangements are stackable and can be easily manipulated by mood and adapted to personal style. You can stack holders on top of each other and top with a candle. Smaller candles fit into larger holders as well as their own perfect partner holders. You can build you arrangement over time to create new looks in your interior. Plus each candle holder is designed to fit not just our candles, but also any standard tealight and the pot lid can hold up to three.

We have made many videos showing different ways to stack them on instagram  - please follow us to see more as we will always be making new ones.

Here are a couple of tasters, plus some videos made by happy folk who have enjoyed experimenting and stacking and styling their way.

Styled by us: Modular Stacks

We'll never get bored of playing around with mixing up scale and colour and candle fragrances to create very different looks.

Styled by Kate Young Design

We collaborated with the wonderfully talented interior stylist Kate Young to see how she would style and stack some of our modular pieces. Not only did she make this cool video, but also wrote a blog about us too.

Styled by us: The Tealight Trio

Whether grouped in a huddle, stacked as a duo or stacked as a tower, our Tealight Trios offer multiple ways to be displayed because as well as holding the fragranced tealights they come with, each holder also fits our slim candles too.

Styled by Decorum

When one of our stockists, Decorum Shop in London's Crystal Palace, received the first pieces from us they made this neat reel for instagram.

Come check this!