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Will the concrete mark?

While all of our concrete products are sealed with a protective coating, concrete is a porous material and as such, can still absorb liquid which could result in marks appearing (especially on the lighter colours). We can not accept a refund or exchange for this reason. Think about it like the patina of the life of your concrete. We all mark and blemish over time.

Why do you only give approximate product dimensions and weights?

As all of our concrete and wax products are hand-poured and finished some slight variation in size and weight should be allowed for.

Why does the concrete holder I received appear to have more tiny holes in it than those seen on your site?

We use the same carefully calculated recipe when mixing all of our concrete and the same method when pouring it, however during the natural drying process tiny air pockets may form affecting the final surface aesthetic. Personally we love this part of the process as we never know exactly what the product will look like until we remove it from the mould. We will never sell or send out a concrete product that we are not 100% happy with the look of.

Are your candles vegan?

Our pillar candles are not vegan because the recipe developed over many months to add stability to the soy wax base includes the addition of a very small amount of beeswax. Our container candles, however are 100% vegan as they are made from a rapeseed and coconut wax blend. Our tealights and wax melts are also vegan as they are made from 100% soy wax.

Why does the camo and/or splatter concrete I bought not look exactly the same as the product picture on your website?

When it comes to the camouflage and splatter concrete design, the best part about it is that we have no control over how the pattern will exactly turn out. We love this part of the hand-pouring process because it means your product is pretty much guaranteed to be completely one-of-a-kind. We will never sell or send out a product that we are not 100% happy with the look of.

Why is the fragrance throw of my scented candle not as strong as others available on the market?

Quite simply this is because we chose to develop subtly fragranced candles because we are not great fans of heavily scented candles. The recipes for each fragrance on offer have been carefully developed over many months of testing to provide a light scent-throw around a room.

What do I do when my pillar candle runs out?

This is the fun part: You can use your (stack of) concrete holders just as a decorative household item; burn any standard tealight in them; or order more made-to-measure candles from us.

If you have any left over wax from your pillar candle you can either break it into small pieces and use in a wax melter or drop into another candle (but don’t add too much or you will drown your wick) - this way you can use every single piece of the wax with no wastage and enjoy the fragrance for longer.

Can I buy a diffuser refill?

Yes. Our diffuser fragrance refills come in 200ml bottles, so will fill your diffuser twice and are sent out with a new set of chunky black fibre reeds.

Is your tableware dishwasher safe

No. We recommend you only clean your concrete tableware with a soft damp cloth. Do not use an abrasive surface to try to clean it because this can remove the protective coating and leave scratch marks.

Can I leave the concrete outside?

Our concrete is decorative and as such has been designed with the thought that it will be used and displayed inside.

Each piece can of course be used and/or displayed outside. However we would recommend that if rained upon it is dried and not left out overnight - as changing weather conditions and temperatures could effect the surface and integrity of the concrete in the longterm.

Sustainability Ethos

Where are your materials sourced?

Wherever possible we have tried to source our materials locally, so our tubes are manufactured just over the Suffolk border in Essex and the labels printed in our nearest town. The pigments used to colour the concrete are created in Worcestershire and the candle wicks are made in Norfolk. Sadly, as a small company, we are not able to source every single component locally (although we have purchased as many items as possible direct from UK businesses).

Is your packaging recyclable?

We would love to say 100% yes, however the plastic end caps are not universally recyclable yet (Please check your local recycling facilities).

The tube is recyclable (just peel off the label first). Or, if you would prefer to up-cycle, we find that the whole package makes a stylish storage vessel for many household implements.

All of our square product boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable.

We use eco void filler to protect products in transit, this is compostable, or can be dissolved in water.

How is your concrete sustainable?

We don't just make concrete homewares, we create investment pieces that have been designed to live a long and happy life.

Our modular and stackable design concept gives flexibility to change and refresh the look of your pieces over time. And the reason every candle holder fits any standard tealight as well as our candles is so that you are not tied to us to prolong the life of your candleholder once your candle is finished.

What do you do with waste?

We use exact recipes when we pour each candle and piece of concrete. Occasionally we do have a little left over following a pour, but it is never wasted. Excess wax is used to make melts and tealights and concrete is made into one-off creations that we sell at makers markets and give to our family and friends.

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