150 Hour Wax Melts - The Works



The Works

1 of each of our six signature scents: Lime, Basil & Mandarin; Sandalwood & Black Pepper; Tobacco & Oak; Amber Noir; Cherished Leather; Curious Rose.

Six, beautifully scented, extra-large hand poured soy wax melts. Designed to be snapped in half for optimum home fragrance, they will begin to fill your chosen space with scent from the moment the wax begins to melt.


For a new scent-sation we recommend snapping your melts even smaller and trying these fragrance combinations:

Lime, Basil & Mandarin + Amber Noir

Curious Rose + Cherished Leather

Sandalwood & Black Pepper + Tobacco & Oak

Dimensions & Weight

Each melt is 25g 

Half a melt offers 12-15 hours of scented bliss.

How To Use


For best results, simply place half a wax melt in the dish of your wax melt burner and light a 4 hour unscented tealight beneath. 

Unlike a candle, the volume of wax will not reduce, therefore once the strength of the scent is no longer to your liking, simply pop out the cold wax and replace with a new half melt.

Important Info

* We recommend you do not burn your wax melts for longer than 4 hours at a time.

* Do not light the wax melts and keep them away from flames.

* Keep your wax melt burner on a flat surface out of reach of pets and children.

* Keep lit candles away from draughty areas and never leave them unattended.

* Ensure you do not move your wax melt burner when it's lit as it can get very hot.