The Arboreal Collection Explained

Earlier this year, during a brain storming session together, we had an idea about a new collection, completely different to anything we have done before. We wanted to find a way to immortalise wood.




We have long been fascinated by the beauty of wood and have many pieces displayed around our cottage that we have collected over the years. Our childhood memories of walking though forests and hugging and climbing trees are precious. These memories became a reality again during lockdown with our young daughter. We have never felt more at one with our immediate environment, nor been more grateful for the countryside walks on our doorstep - knowing so many around the world did not have the luxury of an escape into the great outdoors. It inspired us. So, we set to work.


old beautiful huge tree

The Details

Using carefully selected pieces of wood as prototypes for coasters, we charred and brushed the surfaces before using each piece to hand-pour our moulds.
The resulting concrete coasters show every ring and surface detail of the original wooden pieces. Each coaster sits on a hand-cut sustainably sourced cork base, uniquely shaped to each coaster form.


Re-use not Recycle

When developing the coasters, we knew we also needed to rethink the way we package them. All of our packaging is recyclable anyway, however we wanted to find a way to do more. Therefore, the coaster sets are packaged in 99% recycled and 100% recyclable luxury black card boxes but, we have deliberately made our branding removable so they do not need to be recycled. Instead, the boxes can be re-used, perhaps to give a gift, once the coasters have found their new home.



Giving Back

The harsh truth is, we can’t escape the reality that deforestation facts are awful and global warming is creating wild fires that cause havoc and incredible destruction. So, we have partnered with TreeApp to plant a tree for each sale. TreeApp is a wonderful organisation that is supporting businesses around the globe to offset their carbon footprint by funding climate projects and planting trees where they’re most needed. TreeApp also offers consumers the chance to help too by simply downloading the app, picking a reforestation project and then by tapping a sponsor message can plant a tree for free. The sponsor pays for the tree. Definitely worth checking out.



In Development

To sit alongside the coasters in this collection we are also working on some other pieces. Each one proving a challenge in its own right, but, as the saying goes, “Nothing good in life comes easy. The best things take work”.

So, hopefully soon there will be a large bowl and a table centrepiece with the same level of detail and textural interest as the coasters. And, reminiscent of our modular candleware, we are also working on a ‘Branch’ candle and holder set. The holder, a textural concrete homeware that not only fits our unique candle, but also any tealight or taper candle so that the holder can live the longest life possible without being tied to our candles. And the branch candle itself, a beautiful form that follows the shape of the holder exactly to create the total branch.



Our prototype came from our garden.

From our home, to yours.


Mr Concrete & Mrs Wax

Mr Concrete & Mrs Wax