Sample Mid Black Pillar Candle

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Candle Fragrance

Perfectly imperfect pieces with very limited availability.

The mid-sized candle in our range is designed as the perfect partner to our mid holder, but can also be burned on the large holder, pot or plate.

This hand-poured wax pillar candle is formed upon a smaller round wax base that fits snugly and securely into each holder.

Approx dimensions (including foot): W: 72mm x H: 110mm

Approx weight: 375gm / Approx burning time: 45-50 hours

 *** Please note this is our standard product imagery. It does not show the imperfections. These candles were samples and are perfect but they both have teal wicks! ***


Product Grading

We have graded all of our seconds into one of the following categories where the item may have one or several of the following imperfections - none of which effect the performance, only the aesthetic:

Level 1 - 30% discount

  • Small areas of patchy, mottled or speckled surface colour
  • Colour does not match our palette
  • 1-2 small dark surface marks

Level 2 - 50% discount

  • Widespread areas of patchy, mottled or speckled colour
  • 2+ dark surface marks
  • Excessive small air bubbles
  • Small dripmarks in a discreet position
  • Discontinued colour / End-of-line product
  • Slightly too thin or too short
  • Damaged or dented candle or melt surface

Level 3 - 70% discount

  • Complete coverage of patchy, mottled or speckled colour
  • Large dripmarks in an obvious position
  • Large air holes


Samples are priced individually.

Important Sales Info

Please pay careful attention to the description above about the type of imperfections this second may have or the reason for the product grading on a perfect piece.

We have used our standard photos to show the seconds items for sale, not the individual imperfections that each item has.

As these pieces are sold at a largely discounted rate, they are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Seconds and samples will be sent out wrapped and packaged for protection in transit, not in our usual branded tubes or boxes.

See more FAQ here.

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